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Though pilot error ultimately was deemed to be the cause, the fleet was grounded for four months in 2011.

The Air Force has said the F-22 is safe to fly - a dozen of the jets began a six-month deployment to Japan in July - but flight restrictions that remain in place will keep it out of the high-altitude situations where pilots' breathing is under the most stress.

In 2008, pilots began reporting a sharp increase in hypoxia-like problems, forcing the Air Force to finally acknowledge concerns about the F-22's oxygen supply system.

Two years later, the oxygen system contributed to a fatal crash.

30th November-1st December 2017, Cambridge (UK), Fourth International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight Transport "Sustainable road freight transport systems: Convergence of research and practice". 27 novembre 2017, Trento(I), Convegno "Il prezzo del traffico: costi sociali, ambientali e sanitari.

30 novembre et 1er décembre 2017, Caen (F), Rencontre "Mobilité et tourisme: conjuger les complémentarités", co-organisées par le CNFPT et le Cerema, en partenariat avec Atout France et la Région Normandie. Verso una nuova politica per i trasporti pubblici alpini"; Tagung "Kostenwahrheit im Verkehr: Sozial-, Umwelt- und Gesundheitskosten.

27-29 June 2018, Tartu (Estonia), Mobile Tartu 2018, International Conference.

The aim of the event is to discuss theoretical, methodological and empirical aspects of research using mobility data - derived from mobile phone or crowd-sourced social media - and explore practical applications of this data in scientific research, planning, governance and location based services.

24-27 June 2018, Mackinac Island, Mission Point Resort, Michigan (USA), ICHT International Conference on Transport & Health 2018 organized by: Transportation Public Health Link (TPH Link); International Professional Association for Transport & Health (IPATH); ​Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).

L'accesso al convegno è a titolo gratuito, ma è necessaria una prenotazione via e-mail a: [email protected] giovedì 19 ottobre, visto il numero limitato dei posti disponibili in sala.

20 ottobre 2017, Napoli (I), Presentazione del Rapporto 2017 della Società italiana di politica dei trasporti (SIPOTRA) "Le politiche dei trasporti in Italia.

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un anno dopo", Museo Ferroviario Nazionale di Pietrarsa, organizzato da Assoferr e Confetra in collaborazione con Confindustria.

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