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First, I am glad that you asked such a difficult question and I commend you for your honesty.It is one thing to talk about this issue with your supposed HIV-negative friends, but it is quite another to ask an openly HIV-positive person such a question.Maybe you are too afraid to be with someone who has dealt with such hefty life issues. It doesn’t matter, because any self-respecting person with HIV probably wouldn’t want to be with you either.There is one thing, though, that you may be surprised to find.As more people become educated about HIV and invested in fighting the stigma that comes with living with it, you may find HIV-negative guys who are turned off by your “negative only” mentality. Find out their status right away and end things before they begin.

However, you asked how you could reject someone because he is HIV-positive in a polite manner. HIV stigma ends when I'm proud to be HIV-positive. Sophie Mubvumbi Jayawardene Diagnosed: 1989 New Zealand That if you are not seen, spoken to or heard, you are a prisoner. HIV is a small facet of my life and doesn't have to dictate my life's outcome or devalue my existence!As an openly bisexual HIV positive activist, blogger, author and father, my visibility has become a blessing for those who have yet to find their voice. Through my 28 years of living with HIV the most enduring lesson is that life is a gift that should be lived out loud.My personal sacrifice is far outweighed by the work as people reach out to me support their journey or the life of a friend or loved one. “Now, I have no issues letting a man know you gotta’ strap it up or we can use a female condom. I’ve learned the importance of education and the importance of using condoms to keep myself protected from [other STDs].

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