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It seems an eternity ago that many of us 80s kids' social life was spent on m IRC (Internet relay chat).Well – if you consider virtually slapping people with trouts and arguing over whether rock or rap is the better music genre 'socialising'.Read More » Network Fundamentals Study Guide Networking fundamentals teaches the building blocks of modern network design.

In a column on the left of the screen is a list of names that is being constantly updated, with as many as four or five hundred names listed. In that list of names could be people from every inhabited continent, sharing ideas, cultures, and customs.MIRC, the most popular client for PC's was written by Khaled Mardem-Bey, a regular person who was looking to make IRC easier for the average user.Originally given away by Mardem-Bey, he can no longer spend his time developing the program without some financial assistance, and asks for a nominal shareware fee.(However, one cannot communicate across networks.) There is a plethora of networks, the most popular of which are EFNet, Undernet, Dal Net, and New Net.Interestingly enough, the free sharing of information that has become the most important part of the "spirit of the Internet" is a strong part of IRC.

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