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603) Ancient Roman recipes "[287] [Baked picnic] Ham [Pork Shoulder, fresh or cured] Pernam The hams should be braised with a good number of figs and some three laurel leaves; the skin is then pulled off and cut into square pieces; these are macerated with honey. [1] Lay the dough over or around the ham, stud the top with the pieces of the skin so that they will be baked with the dough [bake slowly] and when done, retire from the oven and serve.

[2]" ---Apicius, Book VII, IX, Apicius: Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome, edited and translated by Joseph Dommers Vehling, facsimile 1936 edition [Dover Publications: Mineola NY] 1977 (p.

The derivation of the word may be from magpie, shortened to pie.

Food historians confirm the ancients crafted foods approximating pie. Pie can be closed, open, small, large, savory or sweet.The basic concept of pies and tarts has changed little throughout the ages.Returning crusaders introduced these sweet recipes to Medieval Europe where they were quickly adopted.French and Italian Renaissance chefs are credited for perfecting puff pastry and choux.

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