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My back burns from all of that abrasive material rushing between it and the table, but is quickly cooled by the cold, metallic table top. He pulls his dick out and puts it in the ring that he had fixed in her mouth earlier. I close my eyes and try to forget what is going on. We lock eyes, and I can see the shame in her eyes as she slowly licks me over and over again. This seems to annoy her more than anything, as she constantly tries to shake him off while still licking my clit.

Another crowd is heard as we approach the stage area, it seems louder this time.

As I look out over the crowd, there seem to be more than yesterday, but not more than ten or twenty. There is only one catwalk this time right in the middle, with a larger circle at the end. The circle has a table on one side of it, not on a cart like yesterday. My showman signals the man at the control panel in the back to lower a spreader bar just like yesterday.

As it comes down, the showman that worked with me grabs a pair of handcuffs from the table and puts them around my wrists in front of me.

He pulls them quickly over the table forcing me to lay down on my back, and he hooks one of the links to a lock on the table.

It is really uncomfortable, my butt doesn't quite touch the table and I have to arch my back to keep my feet flat on the floor.

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The quick motion made my already loose shorts come down somewhat, I can feel the cool air on the top half of my bottom, I can't tell if my pussy is showing or not.

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