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Interestingly, Hulu chose to promote one of its original series rather than laying groundwork for its upcoming live TV service.

KFC's first official Super Bowl spot (it ran an ad during last year's livestream of the game but not on TV) is its first commercial to feature two of its celebrity colonels. Colonel," Georgia Gold Colonel Billy Zane is pitted against Kentucky Buckets Colonel Rob Riggle. Kia will advertise its 2017 Kia Niro, a new hybrid crossover vehicle that is scheduled to hit dealers by early January.

Febreze will appear in the big game for the first time with a 30-second ad in the second quarter of the game. Fiji Water is making its first Super Bowl appearance with an ad that ran for a little bit in 2016. It promotes Ford's burgeoning ride-sharing and bike sharing services by way of advancing its positioning as a "mobility" company, not just an automaker. 15 that it had bought a 30-second ad in the first quarter of the game, making what would be its first Super Bowl appearance to promote a turnaround effort that includes a store redesign, a revamped loyalty program and new product pricing. There are several so-called "Easter eggs" hidden throughout the spot including a sneezing panda, a nod to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing and shower scene that plays on the ice bucket challenge.The world is more beautiful the more you accept." Anheuser-Busch In Bev, which holds exclusive beer advertising rights for the Super Bowl, plans to run three minutes of commercials during the game, down from three and a half in Super Bowl 50: a 30-second Super Bowl debut for its below-premium Busch brand, a 60-second spot to begin a new Bud Light campaign, a 60-second Budweiser spot about that brand's origins and a 30-second Michelob Ultra ad that continues its fitness-themed campaign.Bud Light is using the ghost of '80s ad icon Spuds Mac Kenzie to help begin a campaign arguing that the brand brings friends together, replacing the slogan "Raise One to Right Now" with "Famous Among Friends"; it released the ad the Thursday before the game.The automaker debuted the spot on its so-called Niro Bot, a chatbot created late last year for Facebook's Messenger platform as a way for consumers to get information and have questions answered in real time. Mc Carthy utilizing Kia's roadside assistance feature while stuck on an iceberg.The spot will trace "a heroic and harrowing journey stretching from the polar ice caps to an arid desert," Kia stated on Jan 23, as it released the following teaser. In "False Cabinet," a father putting away groceries shows his friend how he stores King's Hawaiian rolls in a secret location hidden at the back of a kitchen cabinet.

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1 featuring Steve Carell coming to life in his high school yearbook.

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